Custom Grip Socks For Footballers

Grip socks are flourishing in the sports market after being adopted by almost every professional footballer in the world. They help to lock the player’s foot down within their football boots, reduce slipping and are non-slip so they prevent injuries and abrasions on rough surfaces.

Gripping socks are usually made with a piece of rubber or silicone attached to the bottom of the sock that provides traction and grip. The rest of the sock is made of breathable and comfortable sweat-wicking materials such as cotton or polyester. The rubber or silicon can be incorporated in a variety of patterns and shapes. This allows you to personalise your grip socks with any design or logo that you want.

Many athletes use grip socks to increase their performance during high-intensity training sessions. Studies have found that grip socks reduce the amount of force required to generate the same amount of friction between shoe and floor. This results in a significant muscle savings and improves the speed of movement, as well as increasing balance and comfort.

Another benefit of grip socks is their ability to provide better foot-to-foot contact on uneven surfaces. This can reduce the risk of injury, especially in sports such as rugby, where players need to be able to jump and twist their feet on uneven ground.

ATAK has also developed a grip sock which is made of a combination of grip and compression technology, designed to enhance the effectiveness of the product and deliver a potent performance advantage to athletes. The addition of compression technology increases circulation, preventing the build-up of lactic acid and aiding recovery. custom grip socks

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