Custom Cabinets Are a Great Option For Homeowners Who Want the Best Quality at a Reasonable Price

Custom cabinets are a great option for homeowners who want the best quality possible while maintaining a reasonable budget. They are built one at a time by a skilled cabinetmaker using tried and true construction methods like mortise and tenon joinery and dovetail drawer construction.

The cost of custom cabinets varies by many factors. The biggest factor is the material chosen, with high-quality hardwoods costing more than plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Cabinetry design complexity also plays a role, as do any specialty features such as pull-out shelves, built-in spice racks and other storage solutions. Additional accessories like crown molding, decorative panels and door glass can also add to the cost. Finally, the location and labor costs can be significant factors as well.

Some cabinet companies will advertise “custom” options despite the fact that they are actually semi-custom or stock models with limited options for customization. It’s important for consumers to find a reputable designer who is capable of layouting the entire project in advance, understanding each construction phase and the ability to modify a pre-set catalogue for the customer.

At Holland’s, our design consultants are trained to work with the customer to determine a specific vision and build a detailed cabinet plan using 3D software. Upon approval, our cabinetmakers will manufacture the cabinets to your specs based on precise CAD engineering drawings. We will then schedule the delivery and installation of your new cabinetry. During the installation process, our expert installers will carefully hang and secure your new cabinets to ensure lasting performance. custom cabinets

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