Conservatory Roof Replacement

The quality of your conservatory roof is integral to making it a usable room year-round. If your conservatory feels draughty and cold in winter or hot and stuffy in summer, you may need to replace the existing roof. This is cheaper, quicker and simpler than rebuilding the whole conservatory from scratch.

The best time to install a new roof for your conservatory is before it develops any problems, or even any potential problems. This means that you can avoid costly repair bills and the potential damage to your furniture and fittings.

A leaking conservatory roof is not only damaging to the structure of your home addition but can also cause water damage to surrounding rooms too. Replacing the roof with a solid conservatory roof will eliminate this problem and make your room more comfortable all year round.

Many homeowners choose to upgrade their conservatory to a solid roof because of the improved sound insulation. With a polycarbonate conservatory roof, rain can reverberate through the interior of your home, which is particularly distracting when you are trying to relax or work from home. A tiled conservatory roof will keep out noise pollution from the outside world so you can enjoy a quiet and tranquil space.

There are many different materials to choose from for a replacement conservatory roof. Many homeowners choose a tiled roof because it will blend in with the rest of their home, but you can also opt for a glass roof that will allow light to flood into your conservatory. Conservatory roof replacement

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