CloudGavel Solves Ohio’s Ewarrants Problem

A warrant is a financial instrument that enables investors to take positions in a security without taking direct ownership of shares. Warrants may be used to leverage existing investments in a stock, to hedge against downside risk (by combining a warrant with a long position in the underlying share), or to exploit arbitrage opportunities. In contrast to options, warrants do not pay dividends and do not come with voting rights. Unlike ordinary shares, warrants are often issued by financial institutions and traded over-the-counter rather than on exchanges. They are also dilutive, as when investors exercise their warrants they receive newly issued shares rather than the already-outstanding shares they had before exercising the warrant.

In 2018, the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau discovered that thousands of local warrants and protection orders were slow to – or never – be entered into LEADS and NCIC due to a fragmented, inefficient, and technologically-obsolete system for entering these records across Ohio’s 88 counties. To fix this problem, Governor DeWine established the Warrant Task Force. The Task Force recommended developing a uniform, statewide warrant entry system that would be free to law enforcement agencies, courts, and clerks.

We worked with the Warrant Task Force to develop an intuitive, responsive, fast, mobile-friendly, and secure ewarrants solution. The result is CloudGavel, a customizable system that simplifies and expedites the warrant generation process by allowing officers to log in from anywhere with secure internet access, enter the necessary information, and instantly generate the warrant. This reduces the time it takes to get warrants signed, improves communication with judges, and helps law enforcement officers focus on their mission. Ewarrants

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