Choosing Custom Invitations For Your Wedding

When choosing a custom invitation, you’ll be able to fully customize your design. This includes colors, fonts, paper type and even the wording. You’ll also be able to schedule an appointment with a professional stationer who will walk you through the process and help make sure your invites are exactly how you want them. It is more expensive than a semi-custom or ordering from fast-key turnaround big box sites, but you get complete customization and the knowledge and expertise of a trusted vendor who cares about every detail of your wedding.

Digital printing is a great option for invitations because it’s so flexible and affordable. There are no limits to what you can print with this method and it’s perfect for watercolors, photographs, detailed illustrations and more. A professional will use a high-quality paper and inks to ensure that your invitations come out looking sharp. They will also test and tweak the settings of their printer to make sure your colors turn out as you want them to.

A great addition to an invitation suite is an information card that shares details about your special day that may not fit on the main invite. You can include directions, reception details and anything else you’d like your guests to know before they attend.

Envelope liners are another easy way to add a pop of color or texture to your suite. You can choose from solid, patterned or foil options. Some couples also choose to have their invitations handwritten with white ink (using a font that matches your suite) or by a calligrapher. Etemply

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