CBD Shop – Top 5 UK CBD Shops

CBD is an all-natural compound that can be found in hemp plants. It is legal to buy and use in the UK, parts of Europe, and in America. It has no psychoactive properties and doesn’t get you high.

Hempura is one of the biggest CBD brands in the UK and take up shelf space in many well-known high street retailers. Their massive range includes oils, capsules and vape juices. They also have a large number of CBD supplements too.


CBDfx sells a wide variety of CBD products, including capsules, soft gels, tinctures, and topical creams. The company’s customers say its products help them sleep better, ease anxiety, and treat pain. Their products contain a high concentration of CBD and are competitively priced. They also offer CBD bundles.

The company’s website says its hemp is organically grown, free of pesticides, and non-GMO. However, the company doesn’t specify which farms the hemp comes from or whether its products are USDA-certified organic.

The company’s website provides detailed information about the benefits of their products, including dosage recommendations and how to take them. The site has a secure checkout process and offers customers the option to create an account for faster shopping. The company also third-party tests its products.


Ageless is a CBD product range that has been clinically tested and found to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps with acne and other skin problems, calming the skin and reducing redness and inflammation. It has also been shown to improve skin elasticity and tone, as well as firming the muscles. It can be used both on its own or as part of your skincare routine. Ageless is available in a number of formats including e-liquid to vape, Tea Bags, drops, flavoured sprays, capsules and Gummy Bears.

They have recently added an immune boosting supplement called Immunoral to their range which is designed to naturally defend against COVID-19. It is made from a combination of CBD, nano-silver and Vitamin C. This is an excellent addition to any wellness regime and we recommend you try it.


A lot of customer CBD Life UK reviews point to the fact that the company offers an impressive range of products. They also have excellent Facebook and Trustpilot ratings. While the latter is not a perfect measure, the high ratings give you confidence that the company is offering quality products.

Another reason to choose CBD Life UK is that they offer a variety of different strength options. Their capsules are available in 10mg or 25mg and the oils are offered at two strengths as well. Their e-liquids come in a choice of 500mg or 1000mg, and their CBD oil drops are available at an impressive 2000mg per bottle – one of the highest levels of any UK vendor.

The company is also one of the few to sell high-strength CBD dabs, which are available in small 1g tubs. These include a CBD isolate dab, an infused terpene dab, and a broad-spectrum dab.


CBDDirect 2 U is an online purveyor of high-quality CBD supplements. They claim to source, taste, and test their products before offering them to their customers. Their team of scientists, a former general practitioner, and nutritionists work together to create the best CBD products on the market. They offer a wide range of supplements, including CBD oils, capsules, creams, and personalised merchandise. CBDDirect 2 U’s CBD oil is sourced from organic hemp and contains 0.3% THC, which is legally allowed in the UK. Their products are also MHRA compliant, which means they meet the strict regulations set by the MHRA.

Synerva CBD Oils

The brainchild of a Cheshire mum, Clare Hales founded Synerva CBD Oils out of her desire to provide the UK with high quality and affordable CBD products. Their CBD products are sourced from the Cannabis Sativa plant and contain zero or trace amounts of THC, allowing them to be legal in the UK. They also make their third-party lab reports available to customers because they believe everyone deserves to know what they’re putting into their bodies.

The site is easy to navigate with a decent range of CBD products and fair pricing. The one negative is their PS100 qualifying spend limit for free shipping – a little high. However, customer support is very good with both email and phone available. We recommend checking out Synerva if you’re looking for an online UK CBD shop.

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