Cabinet Manufacturer Supply Chain Challenges

Cabinetmakers design, build, and install custom-made cabinets and furniture pieces. They typically work in residential and commercial settings, collaborating with architects, interior designers, and homeowners to bring their designs to life. Using woodworking tools and machinery, they transform raw materials into functional, visual, and appealing cabinetry and furnishings.

Many cabinet manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demands, due in large part to shortages of raw materials. Rising demand for kitchen cabinets and other remodeling projects during the last year has created a tight supply chain. At every point along the way, a shortage of raw materials or labor can create delays that ripple through the entire industry.

As a result of the shortages, cabinet prices are going up and shipping times are getting longer. Some cabinetmakers have been able to mitigate the price increases by adjusting their production schedules and finding ways to reduce their reliance on importing materials. Others are facing challenges with employee shortages at shipping ports, transportation hubs, trucking companies, and factories.

Industry-leading cabinet manufacturers like Atlanta’s CabinetCorp have been able to minimize the effects of these industry challenges on their dealers by absorbing much of the extra cost and having a dedicated inventory team focusing on nationwide warehousing of the most in-demand styles and SKUs. This approach is allowing them to be a contractor’s saving grace by providing accurate inventory information and reliable shipping dates to ensure their customers’ renovation and remodeling projects stay on track.

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