Baby Jeeter Strains Review

Baby jeeter is a California based company that has grown to become a major player in the state’s cannabis market. They’re known for their high-quality flower and concentrates, as well as their innovative packaging. They’re a vertically integrated company, which means they house their entire operations on a 4.2-acre campus in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Jeeter has a variety of different strains that they make available for purchase online. Their website is easy to use and navigate, as it has all of their products listed in one place. It also has helpful resources like how to grow and weed safety tips.


Honeydew is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that is perfect for stimulating creativity and making you feel more productive. It also helps ease stress, so it is a great option for people looking to relax after a long day.

The Honeydew strain has a sweet and fruity berry flavor that makes it very appealing. It also has a strong citrus scent that makes it a popular choice for consumers who prefer more of a citrusy odor.


Another popular Sativa strain, Limoncello is a cross between the legendary Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie. It has a sweet citrus aroma with hints of orange. Its compact buds have dark green to purple hues with a thick coat of resin.

It’s a delicious strain that offers a relaxing, yet energetic, high that leaves you feeling invigorated and happy. It also helps relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

Gelato x Cookie Strains (not Mai Tai)

Originally from the famous Cookie Fam of the Bay Area, Gelato is a balanced hybrid that has been around for a while now. This strain has compact buds that have a sweet and fruity terpene profile, reminiscent of the flavors you might find in a freshly-baked Cookie.

This strain is a very popular choice among fans and is great for treating stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and PTSD. It can also help with appetite loss and nausea.


Another OG Kush phenotype, Churros is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has a heavy body-high. Its effects are calming and can be used to ease discomfort or relax on a lazy weekend. It is also a good choice for treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Infused Jeeter

Jeeter-infused premium outdoor floral pre-rolls are made from a trio of incredible cannabis magics. This mixture of indoor flowers combined with extract oils and generous sprinkles of kief creates a heady, cerebral high that’s both relaxing and uplifting.

These pre-rolls are a great way to get your fix on the go. They are affordable and are the perfect size to take with you anywhere.

The Jeeter brand uses a bright and colorful label on their jars to convey a fun, happy, and playful vibe. The jars are also glass, which is an extra bonus that elevates the experience and allows you to see the Ringz before you dig in.

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