An MK Satchel For Every Style Personality

A modern spin on a classic silhouette, a satchel bag is the perfect handbag for day or night. From sleek and slim to spacious and textured, we have an MK satchel for every style personality. Embroidered with our signature logo print or crafted from rich pebbled leather, there’s a satchel to suit you and your day—whether you’re a timeless and sophisticated Carmen, on-trend and modern Manhattan, or soft and on-the-go Carine. Don’t forget to coordinate your satchel with our wallet styles and tech cases.

Our luxe satchel bags are designed to be carried comfortably on your shoulder or as crossbodies for when you want to go hands-free. They are available in a full spectrum of colors, so you can find the perfect one to match your outfits and occasions. Look for a smooth and even leather texture, and be sure the logo on the inside is crisp and clear. If it’s a little fuzzy or doesn’t seem to be stitched well, note that the bag may be fake.

While it’s a small detail, our satchels are the first to feature a strap that’s designed to rest in the crook of your arm rather than digging into it or falling off. The result is a comfortable shoulder carry and the added security of knowing your belongings aren’t easily accessible to wayward fingers. We also have a few satchels with a longer strap that can be tucked under your arm if you prefer to keep your hands free. MK satchel bag

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