Alternatives to PVC Free Wallpaper

A large amount of wallpaper is coated in PVC/vinyl which contains harmful plasticizers that are not counted as VOCs or measured by certifications like Greenguard Gold. Most if not all of these coatings also contain flame retardants which have been linked to health issues including asthma, dermatitis, cancer and more. Thankfully there are many alternatives that are both more environmentally friendly and safer for your family!

One of our favorite companies is Makelike who hand print their wallpapers with natural dyes/inks on recycled paper. Their papers are not bleached so they don’t release any toxic chemicals during the printing process. They don’t use PVC or any flame retardant chemicals in their products and they also avoid adding metals like tin which is often used in conventional coatings. They make their wallpaper to order and ship worldwide. You can purchase them through their website or find a local stockist.

Another great alternative is MissPrint who produce their wallpapers on FSC paper using non-toxic inks and a paper substrate that is free from formaldehyde, heavy metals and PVC. They are available through their website or Burke Decor.

Lastly, Seabrook Wallcoverings makes a strippable pre-pasted wallpaper that doesn’t require any additional glues to hang. It can be installed with a traditional wallpaper paste that has low VOCs. They make their wallpaper in the US and sell it through DecoratorsBest.

HP’s odorless prints using water-based HP Latex Inks are an excellent option for the more eco-conscious. They are UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified and can help you earn LEED credits when used as part of a wall system. The wall paper is odourless and has scrub and mildew resistance.

This is a competitive digital solution for emerging wall mural applications that helps customers define interiors with long-lasting, colorful and creative designs. It goes up easily with common adhesives and installation techniques, and offers odourless prints and odourless display odor that meets LEED requirements. It is odourless and easy to remove, and it is odourless during storage and handling. papier peint sans pvc

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