Allstate Customer Service Improvements

Allstate is a highly visible insurance provider with a large nationwide footprint and multiple product lines that can be bundled together to save on premiums. Customers can choose to receive a quote online, over the phone or in person with a local agent. In addition to car insurance, Allstate also offers homeowners, renters, condo, ATV and term life insurance policies. The company’s website makes it easy to compare quotes from different providers and find the coverage that best fits each customer’s needs.

Allstate boasts a wide range of auto insurance discounts including smart student savings, drivewise and the safe driving rewards program. Its signature programs like these can help to reduce the cost of a policy and are available for Allstate customers in all 50 states.

Customers can take advantage of these discounts and programs by speaking to an Allstate agent or by using the online or mobile tools that Allstate provides for account management, claims tracking and payments. Allstate also has a mobile app that provides customers with access to their policy, allowing them to pay bills, submit and track claims, and receive personalized quotes.

The Allstate company website features an extensive selection of FAQs and videos to help customers with common questions. Additionally, the company has an online chat feature where customers can speak to a representative in real-time. The Allstate website allows customers to find the contact information for a local office and an agent in their area.

While Allstate is one of the largest insurance providers and has a strong brand recognition, it may not be the best choice for all consumers. Its claim satisfaction scores lag behind competitors, and it has received numerous complaints from state regulators over the years. Allstate’s CEO Tom Wilson is trying to turn around the company by reducing agents’ commissions and pushing them to sign up new customers rather than service existing ones.

In order to improve its overall customer experience, Allstate is implementing artificial intelligence (AI) programs such as Amelia. This AI assistant handles more than 250,000 calls each month and has reduced call center talk times by automating repetitive tasks and improving first call resolution rates.

Amelia is a powerful tool that can answer frequently asked questions, provide customers with directions and send them the relevant contact information based on their query. Allstate also uses chatbots to assist customers with routine requests and handle basic inquiries.

With these AI tools, Allstate is able to automate the authentication process, freeing up time for customers and enabling agents to provide a more personalized and useful experience. Allstate is also investing in technologies that can identify why a customer is calling and pre-empt their concerns, creating a more meaningful interaction. This will allow Allstate to build a stronger relationship with its customers and increase customer retention. By 2020, the company expects to have these technologies fully implemented across its business. allstate customer service

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