Activation of Your DNA Can Help You to Manifest Your Dreams and Goals

Activation of your DNA will unlock a vast amount of potential energy within you and can help you to stay centered and healthy during this time of significant planetary change. DNA activation is a powerful healing process that can help you to access your highest potential, manifest your dreams and goals, and align with your life purpose.

A cellular response to DNA damage consists of a series of phosphorylation events that are critical for the preservation of genomic integrity during exogenous stress, such as radiation and chemotherapy, as well as endogenous stressors like carcinogenesis and aging. One of the key components of this response is DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK), a serine/threonine kinase that is activated by DNA. DNA-PK binds to a conserved sequence in the promoter region of genes and phosphorylates a number of effector proteins that then regulates cellular responses to DNA damage.

Using an imaging approach, Chen and his team found that the DNA-PK enhancers interact directly with target genes in the fly embryo, and they could capture video of an enhancer contacting a gene. This was accomplished by attaching fluorescent tagging systems to the enhancer and the gene, so that each interaction was recorded in real time. They observed that the interacting partners were phosphorylated and that the gene was activated by DNA-PK p460, but not by its partner Ku. They then used a machine learning algorithm to determine that p460 had the ability to bind to DNA alone, without the assistance of Ku. dna activation

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