Abrasive Wheels Training

About Abrasive Wheels Training

When working with abrasive wheels it’s essential that everyone has key underpinning knowledge to ensure they operate this equipment safely. Nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheel equipment occur due to unsafe systems of work or operator error. Taking this online course will help to reduce the risk of such incidents and demonstrate compliance with UK Health & Safety legislation covering the safe use of work equipment – ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998’ (PUWER 98).

The course covers what an abrasive wheel is, key legislation and guidance, common hazards, selection and handling of wheels, how to mount, use and maintain wheels and how to control risks from dust. It also demonstrates how to carry out an inspection of both the wheel and the tool before they are used.

Why is Abrasive Wheels Training Important?

Abrasive wheel safety training is a legal requirement for anyone who operates this type of equipment in the workplace. It’s an essential part of the overall safety of staff and helps organisations to meet their legal responsibilities, avoiding fines or other legal entanglements. It also increases worker confidence and competence, meaning that they can handle the equipment more effectively which helps to increase productivity, reduce costs through fewer mistakes and delays, as well as diminishing the likelihood of equipment damage. This in turn boosts morale and enhances reputation, allowing organisations to attract quality staff and build client loyalty. Abrasive Wheels Training

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