A First Time Buyer Investment – Feature For Overseas Property & Spain

You may need to think very carefully when buying a property for an investment in Spain or other overseas property markets, this must be bought at the right price, right location, and right return and with right re-saleability. This mix will only have the long-term viewpoint; a win-win for you and your hard earned cash and it must be played right.

Think very carefully how to win back this return its now regarded as a business not your home, so treat it as such and dont get to involve personally, keep it on a professional level. Many property investor people for Spain see the best way to enhance your investment, is by using bank or finance money to win back your rewards to your own pocket; in another words use them or their money as they use yours and spread the risk.

  1. Right price: When choosing the overseas property as an investment you must not think about your own lifestyle or how you would see yourself using the property, but how the renter would see and use the property, dont forget they will only use it as a temporary stopping station. As and when they suit they will move onto another destination, so as a landlord you must make their stay as comfortable as possible and encourage their long-term stay. The price in buying at the outset must reflect the right price or walk away. If you over pay the only person to lose is you, but if you buy right the profit will fall to you every time. You should close the deal with always 10% discount in mind, look for timing to achieve this and speed to close the deal, find as much info about the owner or developer to judge there needs to bank the money, this will be the motivator to except a discount from you and to bank the money.
  2. Right location: The right aspect is the only way to buy property, without it, you are buying at your peril. Many Spanish overseas property owners consult me as to why they cant sell their property? And often its all because they bought a property with a bad location or aspect. Get something smaller in a top location, rather than compromising for something bigger without a location or aspect. Location will bring happiness to all using the facilities and heighten desirability. In another words people do not want to do without a view or aspect, location is all to all. You also need to think about whether it has all the right facilities to hand?
  3. Right return: Remember you are not living in the property yourself, think about how you can make the property appeal to as many people as possible and not just the few. It is better to buy a two-bedroom property to cater for four people, rather than a one-bedroom property for a couple. Or at the other extreme, buying a seven bed roomed property for 14 people, there isn’t much chance in renting to large groups like that, unless you plan to cater for stag or hen parties, which is not advisable if you want your investment to stay intact. Most rental packages are the average two adults with two children. Look for facilities for these customers who like, beaches, shops, water parks, sports facilities, nightlife, restaurants and fun activities. All having quiet locations and great aspects, these renters will want to stay and hopefully return again.
  4. Right saleability: Think about selling the property, before you buy it, because one day you will need to. Things change, you change, events change and so you have to think to yourself, will this appeal to the many and not the few? How do I get out of this deal and unlock my money? Does it have the right location, right aspect, right facilities to offer? Am I going to be able to resell the property? What will possibly happen in this location in the future? What will be the impact if something does change or new types of people arrive? These will be all factors to its saleability. 해외스포츠

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