A Brief History of Lawyer Hattingen

Lawyer Hattingen is one of Germany’s most renowned law firms. It is highly acclaimed by clients and competitors alike for its excellent judgment, strong business acumen and innovative solutions. The firm advises large, medium-sized and small enterprises in all areas of national and international business law. Its attorneys are frequently ranked among the leading German lawyers in their field of expertise, particularly in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments and restructuring.

A new era begins for the Henrichshutte: Count Henrich zu Stolberg-Wernigerode buys the land for his steel works. The Henrichshutte develops into one of the largest industrial centres in Europe.

The Protestant Reformation gains popularity in the Hattingen region. The city fortifies itself with walls, defensive towers and five city gates. It also gains privileges to hold three fairs a year. Three guilds are established, especially the drapers gain a good reputation.

In the Napoleonic Era, the Henrichshutte is under French vassal rule. The town is divided into several administrative districts. The community consists of the cities of Hattingen, Blankenstein, Sprockhovel, Welper and Winz. The renaming is done in accordance with the Petersberg Agreement.

During the Great War, Hattingen is heavily bombed. Of 5674 homes, 1610 are destroyed and 3681 severely damaged. 909 citizens lose their lives on the battlefield. The community is part of the district of Bochum.

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