3 Fast Touch-Ups Every Bride Deserves

What are you doing to prepare for your wedding? You are probably watching what you eat to maintain your figure. You may even be following a strict weight loss plan and an exercise routine to take off as much weight as possible before the big day. You are of course picking out the perfect dress and knit-picking every minute detail of the wedding from location to the seating arrangement for the reception.

Where is your face in all of these preparations? It is common for brides to obsessed with how they look in that spectacular wedding dress and how they will fix their hair, but many give little thought to their faces. This is a huge shame because skin problems, sagging skin, lines around the eyes and mouth, and other facial problems can make a bride look much older than they really are when they walk down the aisle. These facial problems do show up in the wedding photos and it takes away from the pleasure the bride receives when she looks back to her wedding day.

If you look in the mirror and there are things you aren’t quite happy with, then you need to give your face just as much attention as your hair and the wedding gown. With just a little investment in your facial skin you can look younger and fresher when you walk down the aisle. You will look more beautiful in your wedding pictures and could even give your husband-to-be a little something extra for the honeymoon.


This is the first treatment that all brides should consider getting before the big day. A handheld device is used to spray the skin with ultrasound energy. This energy is proven to lift sagging skin and tighten it up over time. It actually stimulates higher production of collagen in the skin, which is the natural protein that keeps skin tight in younger skin. As you age collagen production slows, but with ulthera transducer you can stimulate an increase in collagen growth.

You only need one treatment of ultherapy and will see some results right away. Give yourself some time before the wedding and you will have firmer skin that looks years younger.


This is probably the most common injectable procedure in use today, but it is perfect for a woman about to be married. You can quickly smooth out the lines and wrinkles around your eyes, lips and other areas of the face. This is especially useful if you don’t want to invest in ultherapy right now.

Something Extra for Your Honey

Men tend to not notice when women make subtle changes to their faces, such as getting rid of fine lines or subtle wrinkles. That is understandable, but there is one part of the face that men do pay a lot of attention to: the lips. Men are intrigued by a woman’s lips because it is what gives them so much love and pleasure in intimate moments.

You can give your husband something special going in for lip filler rejuvenation. This is the third procedure that every bride-to-be deserves, but it is also something every lucky man deservers. This is an amazingly simple procedure that brings new life to the lips. It can be done with other touch ups on the face and leaves little to no sign of having any work done.

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